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User & Bot Safety Warnings

User & Bot Safety Warnings

In order to ensure a safe environment on Discord and alert server moderators to potentially malicious actors early, Circle occasionally adds alerts to the profiles of users who violate the Terms of Service of Circle or Discord, or those who violate Canadian law and are deemed dangerous to communities.

Types of alerts:
- Likely Spammer: this alert is automatically applied to accounts by Discord - it's the same flag that hides messages in chat and displays the "message from likely spammer" instead.
- Not a Circle Team Member: this alert is applied to accounts that have previously attempted to impersonate Circle or Circle Staff members to cause harm within communities that use our products.
- Illegal Activities: this alert is applied to accounts who are affiliated with illegal activities that have been reported to Discord or appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Bot safety warning:
- Some bots that are affiliated with bad actors, or bots that are used to violate Discord or Circle's terms of service or acceptable use policies may be flagged, while we cannot force you to discontinue your use of the bot, we advise that you do not give it elevated permissions in your server.

Safety flags are added following reports to our support team or activities directly observed by our team. If you have a flag applied to your account or bot, you can email for more information or to request the removal of the safety warning.

Updated on: 17/12/2023

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