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Discord Timeout via Circle

Discord Timeouts via Circle

Discord recently introduced their server time out feature! Time outs are similar to the already existing mute command offered by Circle. You can learn about timeouts here:

What advantages does the time out feature have over regular (role based) mutes?

Time outs are handled directly through Discord, your members are shown a more friendly message than "You cannot send messages in this channel."
What your members see when they're timed-out.

Time outs do not rely on role and channel permissions! This means you can setup mutes by ticking a box; way easier than configuring permissions on the hundreds of channels you have.

What disadvantages does the time out feature have?

Unfortunately, once a member is timed out:
- They cannot join any voice/stage channels (even just to listen)
- They are muted in all channels. This means they won't be able to appeal using a ticket system or via some sort of muted-only channel.

Some advanced users have setups where users are unable to see certain channels, this is not possible with the time out feature.
Time outs are limited to 4 weeks.

Cool! How do I configure Circle to use time outs instead of traditional role-based mutes?

It's easy, you can learn more in the moderation plugin article, available here.

Updated on: 28/01/2022

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