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Ban Appeals

About the Ban Appeals Plugin

The ban appeals plugin is a premium only plugin that allows banned members of your server to appeal their punishment. We've made it easier for you to create and manage appeals in your server with our form creator, automatic unbanning, prerequisites and so much more.

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard
Select the Ban Appeals plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Setting Up the Appeals Log

This is where Circle will log when appeals are created, denied, and accepted.

Pick your appeals log from the appeals log drop-down.

Setting the Appeal Turnaround Time

This is how long, in days, it'll take your team to process an appeal.

Specify an amount of days in the appeals turnaround box.

Specifying Appeals Managers

Members with these roles will be able to view, accept, and deny appeals. Server admins will be able to manage appeals regardless of your input here.

Select your appeals manager roles in the appeals managers drop-down menu.

Preventing Members from Appealing

If the reason for a member's ban includes a string you specify here, they will be ineligible to appeal.

Add keywords to the banned reasons box.

If a user's ban reason has "NN" or "non-negotiable" in it they won't be able to appeal.

Allowing Temporary Bans to be Appealed

Select the allow temporary bans to be appealed box.
If you want all bans to be appealable, empty the minimum ban duration box. Otherwise, set the input to the amount of days a user must be banned for before they can appeal.

Users who're banned for less than 5 days are ineligible to appeal.

Creating Appeal Questions

When users appeal, they will be prompted to answer each of the questions you specify here. They will be able to leave questions that aren't required blank!

We will limit your access to the service if you create questions that violate our terms of service!

Click create one or add question.
Select the question type. If you want to add an alert, select either information or danger.
Complete the required fields that appear.
If you want the question to be optional, click make optional. In a similar vein, if you want the question required, click make required.
When you're done making your appeals form, click save questions.

Multiple Appeals

Check "Allow members to appeal more than once"

Optionally, you can create a cooldown. This is the amount of days between appeal attempts.

Updated on: 08/01/2022

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