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What's Logging?

This plugin enables Circle to report most events in your server, such as message deletions, to a designated channel (or multiple) to always stay on top of what's going on. You can even log deleted images, videos, and other files. Amazing, right?

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the Logging plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Logging Modes: Embeds vs. Compact

Circle has two logging modes: embeds and compact. This setting will affects logging across the entire bot, modlogs included!

To set the logging mode, simply select embeds or compact messages from the drop-down.

What's Embed Logging?

Embed logging is the industry standard logging. It's modern, cozy and color coded so you can identify different events with ease.

See that hyperlink? It's the custom emoji I used since it wasn't from the server I was talking in!

What's Compact Logging?

Combat logging is embedless straight-to-the-point logging. It's small so you can see more events in the same screen-space.

Logging Channels

Circle can either log all events to one channel, or delegate different events to different channels.

Sending All Events to One Channel

Select a logging channel from the drop-down.

Separating Events to Different Logging Channels

Click Separate each logging event into a different channel.
Select a channel for each event. Leaving a box empty will disable the event, selecting Use Default Channel will use the channel selected in the logging channel box.

Ignoring Channels and Categories

To ignore a channel/category, simply select it from the drop-down.

Selecting Text Channels will ignore all text channels, Voice Channels will ignore all voice channels. Setting a category as an ignored channel will ignore all text channels inside that category.

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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