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Roblox Verification

What's Roblox Verification?

Link Roblox accounts to Discord users, assign roles to users based on their group rank.

Warning: This plugin is in beta! Please report any issues to our support team.

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the Roblox plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Setting up a verified role

A verified role will be automatically given to anyone in your server who is verified.

Select a role from the "Verified Role" dropdown

Setting up an unverified role

We strongly recommend that servers who do not already have an unverified role with another bot setup use this.

Select a role from the "Unverified Role" dropdown


Binds link Roblox group ranks/roles to Discord roles! Sweet!

Types of binds

USER IS IN GROUP: Adds the specified role if the user is in the specified Roblox group, removes if not.
USER HAS ROLE: Adds the specified role if the user is the specified role in the Roblox group, removes if not.

Creating a bind for Circle's management :D

Binds can be confusing, but we're here to help! If you need help, let us know!

Read-Only Verification Channel

Setting up a read-only verification channel curbs spammers, raiders, and other bad behavior by forcing users to verify before being able to talk in your server. You will need to configure your channel permissions to not allow @everyone to speak, only people with your verified role. To setup the read-only verification channel, click the SEND PROMPT button and select a channel!


c!verify: Prompts the user to verify with their Roblox account.
c!reverify: Prompts the user to verify with another Roblox account. This command is primarily used for when users want to switch to another Roblox account.
c!getroles: Updates the user's binded roles.
c!update: Update another user's binded roles. This command is restricted to moderators, but you can change that by doing this.

Updated on: 19/10/2022

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