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Recurring Reminders

About the Recurring Reminders Plugin

It's our goal to be the leading and soul defender of your server from all wrongdoers, that's why we're constantly developing our moderation features to stay on top of the currents. Circle's moderation plugin enables all 20+ of her moderation commands, all highly customizable, along with enabling automatic punishments in the automod plugin.

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the Recurring Reminders plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Follow the instructions below.

Creating a Recurring Reminder

Click the CREATE NEW button on the top right.
Enter a name for the reminder into the "Reminder Name" box. This name is what will appear in your Recurring Reminders list on the plugin page, so choose a name which you'll remember so you'll know which reminder you want to edit every time you visit the plugin page, without having to look through your reminders for the one you're looking for.
Click the "Reminder Channel" box and choose a channel that your recurring reminder should be sent into.
Type your message into the "Reminder Message" box. This is the message which will be sent into your reminder channel on your chosen interval. You can even make Circle send an embed, just click the "Edit Embed" button to open the embed editor.

After you've done all this, the rest is optional. You can save your reminder and Circle will send your reminder into your reminder channel every hour (default settings). If you want to change how often Circle sends your reminder, keep reading!

Recurring Reminder Intervals

Recurring Reminders are just reminders, but automatically re-triggered on an interval, hence the name. Whenever you create a new recurring reminder, Circle will send the recurring reminder every hour by default, but you are able to change that.

If you're already in the process of creating a recurring reminder, scroll down to the bottom of the popup and you'll see some more options, as shown in the below screenshot. If you've already created a recurring reminder and would like to change the interval, just click "Edit" on the reminder on the Recurring Reminders plugin page, and then scroll down to see the interval settings.
In the "Interval" box, enter the number for how often you want your message to send.
Click the "Unit" box and choose what unit you've entered into the "Interval" box. For example, if you typed "2" into the "Interval" box and you want your reminder to send every 2 hours, then click the "hour(s)" option.
Click the "On Days" box, choose what days you want your recurring reminder to be active. So if you want your reminder to be sent every 2 hours but only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, then select the "Tuesday" and "Thursday" options. If you want your reminder to be sent every 2 hours, 7 days a week, then just select all days from the drop-down!

Advanced: Set First Post Time

If you want to be extra fancy and set up your recurring reminder early, and don't want it to send until a specific time and date, then you can do just that! Click on the "Date and Time" box underneath where it says "Set First Post Time". A calendar will pop up, allowing you to pick the date of when your recurring reminder will first be sent. Pick a date, and then a clock will appear so that you can pick the time.

Your chosen interval will start after this time and date. For example, if you chose 12/28/2024 1:00PM as your first post time, and your chosen interval was every 2 hours, then the recurring reminder would get sent for the first time on 12/28/2024 @ 1:00PM, and then again @ 3:00PM, and so on.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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