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About the Reports Plugin

Reports is a plugin which allows regular members of your server to help your moderation team out! If they see a message which they believe violates your server guidelines, they are easily able to right click on a message and forward it to a channel so that moderators can review it, and take action on the message, as well as the user who sent the message, with a few clicks!

Members can right click (desktop) or long press (mobile) a message, then click Apps, then click "Report" to send messages to your report queue.

Getting Started

Navigate to your server's dashboard.
Select the Report plugin. If it's not enabled, you'll need to enable it.
Select a Report Queue Channel from the drop-down. This plugin will not work without a report queue channel set!!
Follow the instructions below.

What are Notify Roles, Blocked Roles & Exempt Roles?

There are a few different role settings that you can set up to change how Circle processes reports.

Notify Role: A notify role is the role which Circle will ping once a reported message gets sent to your report queue channel. It's recommended to set this role to your Moderator role, or a role that all staff members in your server have.
Blocked Roles: Blocked roles are roles that Circle doesn't allow to report messages. If a user tries to report a message, and they have one of your selected "blocked roles", Circle will not forward the message to your report queue channel. It's recommended to set this role to a muted role, or a different punishment role that your server may have.
Exempt Roles: Exempt roles are roles that are exempt from being reported. If a user tries to report a message sent by a user with one of these roles, the report will be ignored and Circle will not forward the message to your report queue channel. It's recommended to set this role to any staff roles that your server has, or roles that you only give to trustworthy members of your server.

Require Reasons for Reporting Messages

The "Ask users for a reason when reporting messages" option makes it easier for your moderators to filter through the report queue channel. It also makes it easier for a user who is reporting a message because they can see the valid report reasons right in front of them when they go to make a report, meaning they don't have to double check your rules channel.

Enter your report reasons into the box (use , or a space to separate each reason) and then Circle will ask users to select a reason when reporting the message to your moderators team. The chosen reason will then appear with the reported message in your report queue channel.

Automatically Handle Reports

Circle is able to automatically delete a message if it gets multiple reports from different users. The message will still be sent to your report queue channel, and a moderator can handle it as soon as they see the reports, but this option serves as a way to remove a message from a channel when there are no active moderators in chat!

Once you tick the below option, a box will appear so that you can enter the number of reports that a message can get before Circle automatically deletes it. So if you type "3", then 3 different users will need to report the message before Circle deletes it.

For this option to work, you need to also enable the "Allow multiple users to report the same message" option, or Circle won't allow more than 1 user to report the message.

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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