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Ban Appeal - 09/23/2021

Ban Appeal

We've introduced a brand new ban appeal plugin to Circle! The ban appeals plugin is a premium only plugin that allows banned members of your server to appeal their punishment. We've made it easier for you to create and manage appeals in your server with our form creator, automatic unbanning, prerequisites and so much more. In other words, goodbye Google form ban appeals!

We even have another plugin planned to let you completely ditch Google forms, but that's a secret so shhh ;)

You can read more about ban appeals here.

Misc. Changes

Fixed a few bugs.
Made the "select a server" page load faster!
Completely rewrote the c!diagnose command.


Flatbird#0001 - Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 - Manager
Gwyn#0009 - Support Manager
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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