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Product Update - 11/11/2021

New Features

You can now use the c!testfilter [automod filter] "message" to see if a message will be automodded!
The Fake-Nitro filter has been updated with the latest scams and will also begin deleting other common phishing links.

New Interactions & Markdown

Circle now uses buttons instead of reactions or awaiting a text-based response throughout the bot (modlogs, void, purge, and remindme)!
We've added a confirmation (WITH BUTTONS!!!) on the c!void command to avoid mistakes.
The remindme menu now uses a select menu to allow you to remove specific reminders.
The modlogs command now uses Discord's timezone markdown to show the infraction time/date in your local timezone.

Improvements / Fixes

We've fixed issues with the cooldown on reaction-roles being too strict.
The c!say command now only looks for channel IDs or mentions.
The way we cache messages has been completely revamped! This should fix issues where sometimes messages wouldn't be logged when they're edited/deleted. (This is a very experimental change, we will be monitoring the bot's performance over the coming weeks. Please report any issues you notice to our support team.)


Flatbird#0001 - Owner, Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 & Gwyn#0009 - Core Team
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 11/11/2021

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