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Circle 2.2 - 06/12/2021

We've been hard at work to incorporate new Discord features, and add some new features of our own in this update!

New Features


Prevent users from sending messages with stickers, too many newlines, or files with the new perspective filters.
Set channels as ignored to achieve l a w l e s s n e s s.
Ability to have roles ignored from automod that aren't server staff.


Edit roles with the new c!editrole command which allows you to edit the name, position, permissions, mentionability, hoistability, and the color of any role.
Sub-commands to the c!role command that allow you to see results from a query, mentionable, hoisted, and permissions.


New {server.maxEmojis} AR/CC variable.
New line on c!whois that'll tell you when a member started boosting.
If a mod/admin runs c!whois on a member who hasn't yet passed membership screening, she will let them know in the response.


Track your moderator's activity with c!modstats, which has many different overviews of how active your moderators are, and how frequent certain punishments are within your server.
Make a mistake? Clear any moderation action with c!void. You can also clear all modlogs for a specific user. (The voided modlogs will only be marked as cleared, not deleted)
Circle will now optionally delete moderation commands upon their invocation to anonymize the responsible moderator.
You can now softban users who aren't in the guild.
Added the ability to have Circle remove all roles when members are muted. When they are unmuted, the roles they had prior to being muted will automatically be re-given!


You can now ignore specific roles from influencing the starboard.
You can edit the color of the embed when a message gets sent to the starboard.
Don't fancy ⭐? You can now change the starboard emoji to whatever you want.
Give users the ability to star their own messages.
Circle will optionally post starred attachments in the starboard along with any message content.



Anyone can run c!prefix now, provided commands aren't restricted to server mods only, to make troubleshooting easier. Only server administrators can change the prefix, like before.
c!roleinfo was revamped to match the same design theme as c!whois.
c!up, c!shard and c!info would act wonky if all clusters weren't yet ready, so we fixed that.
c!ping will now reply with seconds, not milliseconds. Use c!ping ms to get a millisecond ping. 200< MS IS OK
The c!rating command has been reworked - Circle now checks your profile badges and rates you on those!
The c!serverinfo command now includes stage channels inside of the "Channels" field.
c!listmods will now include administrator roles.
c!addrole will now allow you to specify a color for the role.
c!delrole and c!role now tells you which integration the role is managed by if it can't manage a managed role.
Corrected a minor grammar mistake on c!inviteinfo.
c!purge will now confirm the operation when purging large quantities of messages, or when Circle can't delete all the messages as requested.
Bug fixes on c!modstats.
There's now an extremely small chance that the coin, in the coinflip command, will land on its side - Can you get it?
The c!diagnose command now has 2 new aliases, botbroke and checkwhatibroke.
The c!nick command now gives more detailed error messages if something goes wrong.


Due to rate limiting, we were forced to disable audit log fetching on role added/removed. We may add this back in the future.
Circle is now able to ignore events from Voice Channels.
When a bot is added, Circle will log what it's role is, what permissions it has, and who invited it.
The role permissions update embed log now includes the role ID and date, whoops.
The message delete logs now link the original message, in the event the deleted message is a reply.
The member leave compact logs now include the member count alike embed logs.
Member counts in the member join and member leave logs will have commas if the number is above 1,000.
Member leave logs will tell you how long the user was in the server for.
Fixed an issue where the "Guild Member Update" would only log the nickname change if a bot changed someone's nickname and roles at the exact same time.



Stage channels are now called "stage channels" and not "voice channels".
Circle will still be able to resolve users, even if you have a newline before the ID/username.
Circle can now resolve users with their username and discriminator.
The {channel.typeName} AR/CC variable will now work on stage channels.
The {channel.typeName} AR/CC variable will say "Announcement" rather than "News" for Announcement channels.
iOS quotes don't make moderation reasons look weird anymore.
Reminders now send properly, they won't send more than once.
The c!delrole command acts like the role doesn't exist if you try specifying the @everyone role.
The c!lock and c!unlock commands no longer check for "Manage Channels" permissions, they now check for "Manage Permissions" inside of the selected channel.
The c!lock, c!unlock and c!slowmode commands now check for "View Channels" permissions.
Fixed an issue where the c!reason command could edit the response to the case command, we plan to improve how reasons get edited in the future.
The c!reason command no longer limits you to 500 characters, it now follows the usual 1000 character limit.
Fixed an issue where the c!role command wouldn't respond if users didn't use a valid sub command.
The c!slowmode command now checks whether they have "Manage Channels" permissions in the channel you're trying to edit, rather than just the regular role permissions.
Fixed an issue where the c!slowmode command would allow you to run it on channels like voice channels, or categories.
The c!dashboard command will now accept arguments to jump straight to editing a specific plugin.


The docs, lol.
Select plugins will now warn you when your configuration will prevent the plugin from working.
The "ADD EMOJI" button on Reaction Roles will now be disabled when you hit the cap.
Having an autorole, then deleting it, would count towards the limit. We fixed that.
Manually deleting a Reaction Role message, then saving it on the dashboard would break everything. Not anymore. :D
Custom emojis now work more reliably on Reaction Roles.
Mobile was, for some reason, able to scroll horizontally. That was gross.


After two years, you can now use different time formats in temporary bans/mutes. (1hour, 1hr etc.)
After two years, you can now mute people for up-to one month. You'll need to specify 30d or something, heh.
Sub-command in c!moderations to view permanent mutes.
All moderation commands (and Automod) will tell you where to move Circle's role if it can't moderate them because of their role position.
The Automod "Duplicate Text" filter limit no longer requires an extra duplicate character (1 more than your limit) to work.
Fixed long ban reasons sometimes causing an error.

Reaction Roles

Globalized the cooldown on Reaction Roles when reacting. If you want specifics...


You can now specify a minimum reaction count without being limited to no more than 20. You're welcome starboard lovers.
Circle will not share attachments from messages starred in NSFW channels, unless the starboard channel is also NSFW.
If a message-reply is starred, Circle will optionally include the original message and the starred reply in the embed.
Various random QOL improvements.


When Circle DMs a user to verify, she will now use the guild's name rather than "this server".


Flatbird#0001 - Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 - Manager
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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