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Circle 2.3 - 08/25/2021

New Features

Circle now fully supports Discord's new threads feature.
You can now have Circle delete her response to a Custom Command after a certain amount of time.
Circle can now include the case number in moderation confirmation messages.
You can now require your mods to provide a duration for mutes.
Automod can now warn members for pinging other members, or members with a certain role.
We invented this concept of "preset reasons", which allows your moderators to enter in small strings like "r1" to moderate someone for "Rule 1 - Don't be mean!". You can read more about how they work here.
Voided cases no longer appear on the c!modlogs command, they're hidden by default. You can view them by enabling the "Show voided cases on the modlogs command" option on your server's moderation dashboard.
You can now allow members to bypass verification with c!verifybypass.


The docs (again), lol.
Added an alert if your premium subscription is cancelled or modified to no longer include your server.
Some minor UI edits on mobile devices.
Reworded the error message about not having a modlog setup to be more clear.
Edited temporary mutes to expire (and log) even if the member isn't in the server anymore.
Guild Member Update logs will split up into different messages in the event there's too many roles to list.
If a log has more than one embed to send, Circle will send them all in one message rather than separately.
If a deleted message contained a sticker, Circle will now tell you what the name of the sticker was.
The moderation plugin must be enabled now for any moderation command to work.
c!roles will now use @mentions.
We've changed times across the bot to the new Discord timestamp thingies.
You can now sort by breed in the c!dog command.
You can now sort by bot roles only in the c!roles command.
The @everyone role will no longer appear in the c!roles list.
Removed the region field from the c!serverinfo command, and removed the {server.region} CC variable.
Improved message cache times from 1 day to 3 days for Circle and 5 days for Premium.
You can now edit the allowed mentions on Custom Commands. (This means pinging @everyone, @here, and all roles!)


If you have purchased say, 10 premium servers and then decide to change your subscription to 3 servers. Previously, you'd get to cheat and keep 10 servers. Now, Circle will disable 7 of them.
Editing a Reaction Role that was originally posted by Circle with Premium will now work as expected.
Fixed a problem with automod that was causing autopunishments to be dished after one extra infraction.
Fixed a bug that would allow you to select the reply option and delete option on auto replies.
Fixed issue with c!roles where the role positions didn't update when a role was deleted.
Fixed c!lock showing negative durations.
Fixed a problem where the bot would automute a user multiple times.


Flatbird#0001 - Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 - Manager
Gwyn#0009 - Support Manager
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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