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Circle 2.0 - 12/24/2020

We know it's been a long day... without you my friend... and we're overjoyed to tell you all about what we did while we were gone! We're very sorry for the extremely long wait for v2, our developers worked extraordinarily hard to make this happen. We promise to begin releasing smaller but more frequent updates from now on. Oh, and Circle Premium is finally here! Read about it and how to get it here.

New Plugins:

- The new, long-awaited Automod plugin, to give your server moderators a well-deserved break!
- Circle will be able to automatically mute or ban (depending on how you decide to set it up) when a user continuously triggers your automod.
- This plugin includes various useful filters such as "anti text/image spam", "banned words", "emote spam" and "invite links".
- We can't wait to add even more planned filters for you, such as "zalgo text", "text walls", "spoilers" and many more!
- You can also make Circle automatically respond to text triggers with the new Auto Reply plugin.
- Auto-replies have many advanced variables so you can make your Auto Reply extremely advanced, and even change it based on what the user has said!
- You can now make your own commands with the Custom Commands plugin.
- Custom Commands also have many advanced variables (and even command variables!) which you can use. We tried our best to ensure you can explore many possibilities with this plugin.
- The new Reaction Roles plugin will allow your members to make Circle give them roles at the click of a button.

New Commands:

- catfact - Get a random fact about cats
- coinflip - Flip a coin
- diagnose - Check if there are any issues with the bot or one of her plugins/commands
- dogfact - Get a random fact about dogs
- enlarge - Enlarge an emoji
- joke - Get a random joke
- panda - Get a picture of a panda
- pick - Make Circle pick an option out of a set of choices
- rating - Make Circle rate you or a mentioned user
- remindme - Set a reminder, list your current ones, or remove a current one
- roles - List all roles in the server, roles with names matching an input search, or roles that a user has
- shard - Get information about your servers shard
- status - Get the current status for Circle, Discord, Cloudflare, or Reddit
- yomama - Get a random yo mama joke

Plus one new easter egg command. This command will not be listed anywhere, but anybody may use it.

Command Changes & Improvements:

- The help information for all commands has been updated to be more informative
- Commands which use numbers (such as membercount or info) now have commas separating the numbers (if the number is over 1,000)
- Circle's direct message to banned or muted users will now show the duration.
- Rewritten all Moderation commands. They are all faster and consistent with one another. The reasons for all of the commands should also no longer have a ton of special characters within the reason inside of your Audit Log
- The addrole command now has additional checks to make sure Discord will allow you to create the role. It will give detailed error messages if you cannot
- Removed the flatbird alias for the bird command :frowning:
- The case command now displays the moderation action date
- The clean command has been rewritten so that it doesn't miss a message from Circle
- The delrole command now gives more detailed error messages if Circle cannot delete the role for some reason
- The emotes command can now be used to search for emotes, rather than just list all of them
- The emotes command now displays how many emotes your server has, and how many your server can currently have
- The emotes command can now be used to get information about a specific emote
- The emotes command now has a full sub-command, which allows you to view a full list of emotes with their names
- You can now use the c!help [command] command to check whether you have permissions to run a command or not
- The help command now allows you to search by command category. Saying c!help on its own will list all command categories
- The info command response has been redesigned
- The inviteinfo command response has been redesigned & now supports GIF icons
- The locked command is now a Moderation command
- The lock and unlock commands are now Moderation commands
- The lock and unlock commands now use different emotes when responding with a success message (:lock: and :unlock:)
- The lock and unlock commands allow you to simply say c!lock or c!unlock to immediately lock down the current channel
- Added a not sub-command to the members command. You can use this to specify a role of members that should not be included in the command output
- The modlogs command now displays the moderation action date
- The mods command will now list all of your moderator roles, no matter how many you have
- The moderator roles listed inside of the mods command are now sorted by role positions
- The nick command now gives more detailed error messages if Circle cannot change the user's nickname for some reason
- The plugins command now allows you to filter through the plugins by filtering out enabled or disabled plugins
- The purge command is now a Moderation command
- The purge command now has "filters", meaning you can add filters to the messages which you want Circle to delete
- The quote command now sees as a valid message URL
- The quote command now allows users to quote messages from an Announcement channel
- The quote command now deletes your message when it's run, if it finds a message with your search query
- The quote command will give you the same response when the channel doesn't exist/you can't see it, even if the channel does or doesn't exist. That way it isn't suggesting that hidden channels exist
- The roleinfo command response has been redesigned
- The roleinfo command now displays whether the role is a Server Moderator or Server Administrator role
- The say command now allows you to send a message into a specified channel. You can use c!say #channel [message] to send a message to that channel
- The say command no longer requires the Manage Messages permission. If it doesn't have that permission, it just won't delete your message
- The serverinfo command now lists guild features
- The serverinfo command now displays the server region in a clean format
- The serverinfo command now displays the server description at the top of the response (if the server has a description set)
- You can now use m (for minutes) or h (for hours) in the slowmode command. You are no longer forced to use seconds
- The slowmode command will now display the current slowmode in the specified channel if you don't provide a time
- The stats command has been deleted
- The uptime command now has correctly pluralized words
- The whois command response has been redesigned
- The whois command now displays profile badges
- The whois command now displays whether the user is a Server Moderator or Server Administrator
- Added the whodat alias for the whois command

New Utility Features:

- You can now enable and disable commands .
- Added a global ignored roles and channels for all commands
- We have also added a new reminders system to this update, which you can use with the remindme command. This will allow you to set up a reminder and Circle will then send you a DM once it expires!
- You can now find users via their user tag (username#discrim)

Plugin Changes & Improvements:

We've tried our best to listen to suggestions and make huge changes to our current plugins. We have added a plethora of new changes and improvements to our plugins in an attempt to make them easier to use and understand, and make the features stretch even further, giving users different possibilities when using them!


- All logging messages have been redesigned
- You can now choose to separate logging channels
- All logging events have been rewritten. They will all now handle Discord errors properly, escape markdown where necessary and work more efficiently
- All channel log events now specify what type of channel it is
- The "Member Join" event now displays the server member count with compact logging
- The "Member Join" event now checks whether the joining member is a bot or not. If they are a bot, it says that the user "was invited" rather than "joined". Additionally, it shows who invited the bot (if it has permissions to view your Audit Log)
- The "Member Update" event now logs multiple role changes in a single message
- The "Member Update" event now supports nickname resets
- Made the "Message Delete" event display the original message send date
- Added support for multiple images to the "Message Delete" event (5 max per message)
- Added a check to the "Message Delete" event in an attempt to make the "Message deleted by..." feature more accurate
- Made the "Message Delete" event more compact friendly. Any deleted images will be sent as attachments now, rather than inside embeds
- Improved caching for the "Message Delete" and "Message Edit" events. Messages will now be cached internally for a longer amount of time, even after bot restarts, making it easier to track any message edit/deletion, even if the messages are really old
- The "Channel Update" event now logs when the bitrate of a voice channel changes
- Added a new emoji parser to the "Message Delete" and "Message Edit" events. When somebody deletes a message with emojis inside of it, Circle will check if she can possibly display the emojis properly. If she can, she'll display them like normal. If she can't, she will hyperlink the name of the emoji with the link to the emoji, meaning moderators will always be able to view it

The "Bulk Message Delete" event has been globally disabled until further notice. It will soon return and will be more user-friendly and easier to understand!


- You can now select how many reactions are required for the Starboard plugin
- The modlog embed colours have been changed a little bit so it's easier to tell moderations apart from simply scrolling down your modlog channel

Bug Fixes:

With this update, we found a few bugs that needed to be squashed, thanks to a few lovely people who reported sightings! We fixed (and even made major improvements) to some issues that have been found.

- The commands that use a 3rd party API have been rewritten to catch any possible error sent back from the API
- All inconsistent error messages across the bot were changed so they are now all consistent with each other
- Users could only use one of each variable in their Welcome/Leave Messages
- Users could not enable the "Member Update" logging event (this fix was pushed earlier)
- Circle wouldn't log the "Member Leave" event if the user which was leaving had too many roles for Circle to be able to list
- Improved the Starboard module so it works a lot faster and more efficiently. Also fixed a minor bug where it wouldn't ignore the author's reaction from the total reaction count if another user reacts to the message
- Circle would sometimes respond to the clean command with an error, if she tried deleting her messages too quickly
- The emotes command wouldn't respond if there were too many emotes to list. It now splits into separate embeds
- The lock and unlock commands wouldn't work properly on a channel with synced permissions
- The mention command would try to mention everyone if the server ID was provided (due to how Discord parses the everyone mention, the everyone mention still wouldn't work)
- The nick command would request Manage Nicknames permissions, even when Circle is trying to change her own nickname
- The purge command didn't ask you for Manage Messages permissions when it needed it
- If you ran the reason last sub command and you've never moderated anyone, Circle would respond with an error
- The roleinfo command always said "No" in the "Hoisted" field, even when the role was actually hoisted
- The serverinfo channel count didn't include Announcement/Store channels
- The usage for the whois command said "whois" twice
- When running whois on a user who is not in the server, the embed footer would not appear

Please note that some of these fixes were pushed prior to v2, but were still meant to be part of this update.

Web Updates:

- The website has been completely rewritten!! :tada:
- It should be much faster and more enjoyable to use.
- An updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
- A revamped navigation bar, dashboard and verification page for the website.
- Fixed all the pesky mobile bugs when choosing from dropdown menus.


That's right! Premium is finally here, here are the new features that you get starting now! Again, we have a separate article on premium that you can read here.

- Fewer limits for Custom Commands, Auto Replies and Reaction Roles.
- A fashionable Premium tag on c!whois.
- A cool Premium role in our community Discord server.
- We left our girlfriends for this update, hopefully your kindness can help us get those back!
- We promise even more, very soon!

Thank you so much for using Circle, we could never have imagined this to be as big as it is. On another note, with everything going on around the world right now, we wish the best for you and your loved ones; stay safe, stay healthy :)

Updated on: 15/04/2021

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