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June Mini-Updates - 06/23/2021

Since our last main update (2.2), our developers have released a few smaller updates to add highly requested features.

New Features


Added the ability to have Circle remove all roles when members are muted. When they are unmuted, the roles they had prior to being muted will automatically be re-given!
Added a new "Show case number on mod command confirmation" option.



Increased the deletion confirmation message threshold in the c!purge command from 50 to 250.
The Message Delete logs wouldn't include who deleted the message - We fixed that.
The c!purge command won't error anymore when trying to delete messages because it won't include the command message (which was the source of the error).


Fixed a bunch of bugs!


ALL mod commands now require the moderation plugin to be enabled (before only some would, and we like to be consistent)


Flatbird#0001 - Owner, Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 - Manager
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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