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Circle 2.1 - 02/12/2021

Howdy! We've been hard at work on the following updates!

New Features

Core Settings Updates:
- You can now add globally ignored channels and roles. Circle will completely ignore any commands inside ignored channels and commands from users with an ignored role.

Automod Updates:
- Updated banned words to utilize wildcard and exact cases!
- Duplicated text no longer stands a chance with our duplicated text filter!
- Don't want links? No problem, we have a setting for that!
- Mass mention prevention is here! Fight off those pesky raiders or trolls!
- You now have the ability to have Circle DM users when they're moderated!

Moderation Updates:
- You can now select the number of days to delete on member ban.

Reaction Roles Updates:
- Custom emojis can now be used for Reaction roles!
- You can now supply a message ID for your reaction roles instead of having Circle send one!
- The emoji picker is now dark theme! (Your eyes have been saved.)
- You now have the ability to have Circle DM users when they react!

Welcome Plugin Updates:
- If you have membership screening enabled, you can have Circle wait to give them roles until they're finished!

Autoreply Updates:
- Circle can now use Discord's built-in reply feature to auto-reply to messages!

Logging Updates:
- Circle will now show you the permissions that a role was given/removed upon the role being updated!
- When a role is created Circle will display the permissions it has.
- Circle will now show who gave or removed a role from the user! :link:

Internal Fixes
- Circle Production will no longer 'race with premium' while managing timed moderation actions!
- Made the pick command require more than 1 choice to work
- Improved how the lock and unlock commands function
- Changed the colour of the unlock modlog embed to green, rather than red
- Permission names across the bot have been changed to match Discord

Updated on: 15/04/2021

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