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Circle 2.6 - 01/22/2023

Slash Commands!

We have implemented slash commands! All guilds will now have slash commands enabled for all commands. Slash commands, like text-based commands, will follow the settings on the dashboard. At the moment, slash commands only follow your dashboard command settings! This will be improved in the future.

Slash commands aren't showing? You must have authorized Circle in your server without giving her the ability to create applications commands. Please go to to re-authorize her with that permission. You do not need to kick Circle.


Added the "Active Developer" badge to the c!whois command.
Added the ability to void cases of users that are no longer in the server.
The c!rating checks a few extra things when checking your rating.
The c!remindme command now edits the original response of the command, rather than deleting it and then sending a new message.
The c!slowmode command will now always tell you if slowmode is disabled on a channel if you don't provide any arguments, rather than respond with a useless message.
The topic sub command for c!dadjoke was removed, because it wasn't used and very rarely could find a joke relating to the specified topic.
The c!whois command emotes have been updated to use the newer version of Discord's profile badges.


Empty Aliases field on the c!update command.
Fixed the c!remindme command sometimes not reading the remove sub command properly.
Reaction Roles would tell you that the plugin is disabled if you recently upgraded to Premium. This was fixed!
Fixed an issue with Ghost Mention logging not sending warning if the user deleted their own message.


Flatbird#0001 - Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
yo-yo#0900 - Developer
аaron#5115 - Manager
Circle Team & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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