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Circle 2.7 - 03/06/2023

New Features

You can now edit and duplicate reminders! Use c!remindme edit or c!remindme duplicate to open up a form, to allow you to make changes to, or duplicate, an existing reminder. You can choose to change the time or text of the reminder!
When you vote on Circle via, Circle adds a pretty "Circle Voter" badge and acknowledgement to your profile, viewable in the whois command!
Added a new {react} Custom Command variable. You can use it to make Circle react to the response with either a custom or unicode emoji! Read more here!
[PREMIUM] The c!update command is now also a User context menu command! This means you can right click on a user > Apps > Update, and Circle will run the command on that user to save you some time!

New Logging Events

Circle will log when a text channel is transformed into an announcement channel, and vise versa.
Circle will also log when a voice channels "User Limit" is changed.


Circle responds to slash commands differently now. Due to a Discord bug, the way we were originally responding to interactions was causing emojis not to display correctly in the response message. To fix this, Circle no longer sends the "Circle is thinking..." message, she'll now simply respond to your interaction with the command response without having to edit the "Circle is thinking..." message.
Many commands now support Autocomplete, when using slash commands. This means that for some commands, Circle might try and guess what you are going to type into the arguments box!
When using a slash command, and the command fails to run (for example, if mod only is on, or you're on a cooldown), Circle will respond to the message with a message that only you can see! No more embarrassing moments when you've failed to run a command in a chat full of people!
Using modlogs, you can now filter a users' modlogs by action. This means you can view all of a users bans, mutes, etc., but on their own!
Following on from the above improvement, you can also void a users cases by action too. So, for example, you could void all of a users' bans if you'd like.
Circle now allows you to void the cases of users who are no longer in your server!
You can void automatic cases now, such as automod cases. Circle didn't used to let you touch her cases, but now you can!
The role command no longer requires you to provide roles in the command. Doing c!role [user] will make Circle respond with a select menu instead, allowing you to choose the roles that you wish to toggle to/from the user.

Please note that the old way of running the role command still works fine too! This is just a new way that you can run it, if you so choose.

Circle uses Discords fancy timestamp markdown for command cooldowns now. This means that when you're on a cooldown, Circle will send her cooldown message and count down the time of your cooldown, right on your screen.
The Voice Channel Join, Leave & Switch logging events now includes a member count for the relevant voice channels.
When using the /help slash command, Circle will show all of the prefixes as /, rather than your regular server prefix. Using text-based commands will show your servers regular prefix, as usual.
The way that c!remindme responds to slash commands has been changed. She will no longer delete her previous response to send a new message, she'll simply edit the response instead.
c!remindme list will now alert you of reminders that have failed to send. It'll also tell you when a reminder is attempting to be sent to you.
c!reason now supports the preset reasons system! This means that you can edit the reason of a case to a preset reason.


Circle sometimes wouldn't delete Custom Command responses, when the "Delete Response After" option was set to a super high number. She's learned how to count now, and won't have this issue anymore!
When you use the clean, purge, and say slash commands, Circle will respond with a ephemeral message to respond to your command, rather than giving you an ugly error message!
When you use c!remindme to set a reminder for an hour, Circle would say that she'll remind you in "60 minutes", rather than just "1 hour". We fixed this!
The c!slowmode command wouldn't allow you to edit the slowmode of thread channels, even though it'd respond and tell you that it does support them.
The c!slowmode command also now supports editing the "Post Slowmode" setting on Forum channels!
Lots more smaller bug fixes.


Flatbird#0001 - Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
yo-yo#0900 - Developer
аaron#5115 - Operations Manager
Circle Team & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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