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Circle 2.8 - 07/20/2023

New Features

Added c!ban as a new "User" context menu command! You can now right click a user > Ban User, to ban them through Circle!

Make sure you click the user command with Circle's profile picture next to it, to ban them through Circle. Other bots may have user commands enabled on your server, so be cautious when choosing which command you want to run.

The Welcome plugin dashboard page now has a "Test Message" button, allowing you to test your join & leave messages to make sure they work how you want them to! Variables will function like normal and Circle will attempt to send your join/leave message to your chosen channel, so you can make sure her permissions are set correctly!
All commands now have a "No Permission Message" setting! This allows you to change what Circle says to users when they run a command that they don't have permissions to use.
The dashboard will now ask for confirmation when deleting Custom Commands & Auto Replies. No more accidentally deleting commands that you spent 4 hours working on.
You can now duplicate Custom Commands & Auto Replies. Clicking the new "Duplicate" button will open the creation menu, and all you have to do is pick a new name for it!
[New Command]: c!editcase - Allows you to edit the time or reason of any case.
c!editcase also supports editing compact modlogs, whereas the old reason command would only attempt to edit embed modlogs.

The editcase command replaces the c!reason command, however it will still accept the old usage of the reason command and also accepts c!reason as an alias. Circle may also not edit modlogs if they're very old.

Circle will now log emoji create, emoji delete & emoji update events to your server.
Circle will also log whenever a channels permissions get updated. This includes syncing permissions to a category, as well as adding, removing & updating overwrites.


c!case will now display whether a case has ended early. For example, if you manually unmuted a user, and then ran c!case on their original mute, Circle will tell you that they were unmuted early (and the same goes for bans!)
When a role colour gets updated, and you have role update logs enabled, the embed colour will be the same as the new role colour!
The {user.nick} Custom Command/Auto Reply variable no longer responds with "Nothing" if the user doesn't have a nickname, it'll show their display name instead, or their username if they don't have one set.
The {user.nick} variable also has a new alias, {user.displayName}.
Due to the change in Discords username system, we've added a {user.globalName} variable to CCs/ARs. It'll respond with the users display name, or their username if they don't have one set.


Running c!case on a user that has been muted, and then manually unmuted, would show that the user is still muted. We fixed that!
Fixed an issue where Circle wouldn't understand some of the permissions within thread channels.
Fixed an issue where Circle member nickname update logs would show the users username (rather than their display name) in the "Before" field, if they didn't have a nickname.
Fixed some minor typos where Circle would reference a "timeout" as a "mute", when you have "Use Discord Timeouts" enabled.
When using autocomplete on one of Circle's slash commands, she would give an error message whenever she couldn't find any results. She'll now tell you that no results were found, rather than giving a gross error message!
Custom Command/Auto Reply argument variables ({1+}) would break the command response, if you used a newline within the command invocation message.


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Updated on: 30/01/2024

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