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Circle 2.9 - 08/20/2023

New Features

Added dashboard and command logs! Server admins now have the ability to go to their servers dashboard and view the last 50 command and dashboard logs, showing them who has used commands and who has made changes to their dashboard.
You can now import and export Custom Commands! Exporting a Custom Command will generate a unique ID for that command, and then you can use that ID to share your command with a friend, or move it to another one of your servers!
The Commands, Custom Commands and Auto Reply pages on the dashboard now have a search bar. For those servers with 75 million Custom Commands.
You can now add information about each of your Custom Commands, such as a command description, and any usages/examples. If you choose to add this information to your command, users will be able to run c!help [custom command] to see the help info.
Auto Replies now support different triggers, rather than only text triggers. You can make an Auto Reply respond when a message gets pinned, your server gets boosted, someone sends a Spotify/Discord invite, and many more options!
You can now force Circle to respond to all commands with embed responses.
[PREMIUM] Reaction Roles now support custom DM messages! You can now choose to make Circle send a customised message to users when they join or leave one of your reaction roles. You can even set up a different message for each individual role!


Moderation "Preset Reasons" are now sorted alphabetically, so they're easier to find in servers with a lot of them.
If you have any preset reasons saved in your server, Circle will show a list of them to you while typing into the "Reason" field, when using a moderation slash command.

This feature only works for slash commands. The list will not appear for you when using a text-based command moderation command.

Added a new Starboard option, allowing you to make Circle show the users nickname/display name in the starboard channel, rather than just their username.
[PREMIUM] Starboard now allows you to choose how you want the "Color" option to behave. You can make the starboard embed a specific color (specified by a color hex code of your choice), the users highest role color, Circles highest role color, or a random color each time a starboard message gets posted!
You can now add a footer icon to your custom embeds across all plugins.


Embed creation previews will now show the footer name & icon.
The channel permissions update compact logs wouldn't show a timestamp. We fixed that.
Supported Discord adding the ability to make voice channels NSFW. Circle will now log if you make a voice channel age-restricted or un-age-restricted.
Fixed join test messages not being sent to DMs, if you had the option enabled.

This bug didn't affect normal join messages, only test ones triggered by the "Test Message" button on the dashboard.

Fixed an issue where disabled plugins would still show in your sidebar on the dashboard, and wouldn't show up as disabled until you reloaded the page.


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@conorwastaken (Conor™) - Developer
@pgday - Developer
@aaronb_ - Manager
Circle Team & Testers

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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