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Circle 3.0 - 12/30/2023

Note Commands!

Using Circle's new note system, you can now add, edit, and remove notes from users! Moderators can add notes to a user, and edit them as they wish. Note edits are even noted down by Circle (excuse the pun), so even if a Moderator edits a note, you will still be able to view the full edit history using the c!notes view command on a user. To make notes easier to identify, each note will have a specific ID along with them, which moderators can use within the commands to view or delete specific notes. So there's no accidentally deleting the wrong note!

Circle will never DM a user when they receive a note! Notes are completely hidden from the user, and only Moderators can view them. The only way that a user can view their own notes is if a moderator shows them, or if Admins give them access to the note commands (via additional permissions, or Custom Commands)!


c!note [user] [note]: Add a new note to a user
c!note edit [user] [note_id] [new note]: Edit an existing note for a user
c!note remove [user] [note_id]: Remove a note from a user
c!notes [user]: View all of a users' notes
c!notes view [user] [note_id]: View information about a specific note, as well as its edit history

New Features

Added a new c!transfermodlogs command! This command does what the name suggests - it allows Admins to transfer all of a users modlogs to another user. This is very useful if a user has their account deleted and rejoins on a new account. You can easily move all of their modlogs from their deleted account over to their new one!

Please note that transferring modlogs is irreversible! Circle will ask for confirmation whenever you run the command, so be sure you definitely want to transfer the modlogs before confirming! If you make a mistake, Circle staff may not always be able to undo the change for you! This command is limited to Admins only by default, but you can change that if you so choose.

You can now disable and enable Custom Commands! Want users to take a break from using one of your CCs? Turn it off with a click of a button! Then turn it back on whenever you want, just as easily!
Added {role} variables to Auto Reply & Custom Commands. You are now able to use {N.role} to make Circle show the role mention, name, ID (and everything else!) in a AR/CC response! More information can be found here
You can now dynamically choose whether you don't want Circle to send the user a DM on moderation. Use the new --silent moderation command flag to make sure Circle doesn't send the user a DM when you moderate them, even when your "DM users on mod action" moderation setting is turned on!

Circle will never DM a user if the "DM users on mod action" option is turned off, with or without this flag. This flag should just be used if that option is turned on, but you don't want Circle sending a DM to a user for a specific moderation.

Added a read-only appeal page for Admins! Admins can now view a read-only version of their appeal page, allowing them to make changes to their appeal page, and then see how it looks with the click of a button! No more banning your alt to see what your appeal page looks like!


Using a new c!modlogs subcommand, you can now sort users modlogs by date. Users modlogs are sorted by newest > oldest by default, but you can choose to sort modlogs by oldest > newest if you'd like. More options to sort modlogs will be coming soon! This is very handy when you're looking for a specific modlog, when a user has a lot of moderation history!
Added a "Embed Timpstamp" option to all embed editors (Auto Reply, Custom Commands, Reaction Roles, Welcome). Turn this option on if you'd like your embed to include the Discord-formatted timestamp right at the bottom of your embed!
Increased the Custom Command "Delete After" limit to 20 minutes.
Circle will now use the Discord "reply" feature to reply to the original ban and mute modlogs, whenever you unban or unmute a user. For example, if you banned a user for 1 day, and then manually unbanned them (or simply waited for Circle to automatically unban them), Circle will use Discords reply feature when sending the unban modlog, allowing you to click the message to jump to the original ban modlog that would have been sent when you banned them for a day (the same example works for mutes too!). An example of this in action can be seen in the below image!


Circle will sometimes not reply to the original ban/mute modlog for certain cases! Circle won't reply to a modlog if:

The original modlog was sent before this update.
The original modlog was a permanent ban case.
The original modlog wasn't a mute or a ban. Circle will only ever reply to a modlog for mutes/bans, because they are the only 2 timed moderation commands, excluding channel locks. Channel lock modlogs will not be replied to, because those aren't cases and are not linked to a user.

If the original ban/mute modlog was sent before this update, and it's a timed ban or mute, and Circle still doesn't reply to the original modlog when you unban or unmute a user, it means either the original modlog was deleted, or Discord is simply telling Circle that the message no longer exists.


Fixed a bug not allowing you to delete fields from your custom embed in the Reaction Roles plugin
Fixed a bug where the "Delete After" feature for Custom Commands wouldn't delete the response at all if you wanted Circle to delete her response after more than 5 minutes.
Fixed Circle taking too long to search for members. This issue would mean that some commands would take a few seconds to find the member that you've mentioned in your command. We've changed how Circle searches for members, which has greatly improved response times for certain commands. This was mostly a Discord issue, because Circle would send Discord a request to search for members via their username, and Discord would take an abnormal amount of time to respond to her request. This change means that sometimes Circle may not always be able to find a member by their username if the member isn't cached by her, and Discord doesn't respond quick enough. This change was made because a huge proportion of users use mentions and IDs anyway, and we don't want any Discord requests slowing down Circles performance in your server.


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Updated on: 30/01/2024

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