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Circle 3.1 - 05/17/2024

Premium Plugin: Recurring Reminders

This plugin allows you to send messages on recurring intervals. For example, you can set a message to repeat every minute or another to post every Wednesday.
This plugin is highly configurable and allows for endless possibilities.

Premium News & Sale

We've introduced Lifetime Premium for a limited time. Currently, lifetime is 20% off for a total of $99.99 USD! Lifetime Premium is a limited time offer for the most dedicated Circle supporters. Use code 202405LIFETIME!

Offer ends 22nd May!

Custom Command & Auto Reply Variables, and removal of 3 commands

We've added 2 new variables to the Custom Command and Auto Reply plugins: {randomnumber} and {pick}.

The {randomnumber} variable allows you to make Circle pick a random number from a range of numbers. Ex: {randomnumber:1-100} would make Circle pick a number between 1 and 100!

The {pick} variable allows you to make Circle pick an option from a list of options. Ex: {pick:Option1,Option2,Option3}
This variable is limitless, and even supports other variables! As an example, you could create a Custom Command with the response of {pick:{1.user.mention},{2.user.mention},{3.user.mention} and then run c!commandname @user1 @user2 @user3 and then Circle would respond by picking one of those users!

The {pick} variable also has a second usage for more advanced Custom Commands/Auto Replies! It's too much to explain in a changelog, so read more here!

With the introduction of these 2 variables, we have made the decision to remove the c!coinflip, c!pick and c!rate commands as they are now obsolete. If you still wish to have these commands on your server, you can utilize Custom Commands and incorporate the new variables. To reintegrate these commands using Custom Commands, you can use the following import codes:
c!coinflip - a6987887e89f
c!pick - 9f3bd5a7b9f4
c!rate - b489a78d34f9


We have made several large changes behind the scenes to improve Circle's load balancing and scaling infrastructure. These changes will ensure Circle can continue to grow without issue.
You can now use the c!lock and c!unlock commands to lock/unlock thread channels! You can also lock threads for a specified amount of time too, if you'd like, and Circle will automatically unlock it for you.
Added option to allow members manually banned (or banned with another bot) to appeal.
Added the date & time of appeal submissions to pending & archived appeals sections.
You can now edit/remove your last note added to a user, using c!note edit [user] last or c!note remove [user] last, just like you can for moderation cases!
The users tag will no longer show up repeatedly in the c!modlogs and c!notes commands. The users tag is displayed at the top of the embed already, so there was no need to show the users tag multiple times inside of the embed.
Improved Circle's ability to detect Automod bypasses in the "Links" and "Invite Links" filters.


Fixed occasional errors when deleting individual reactions when managing a server's reaction roles dashboard.
Fixed Circle always giving herself "Send Messages" permissions in a channel that you've just locked, even when she had admin permissions in the server.
Fixed the "Supress {c!command} output from this response" option occasionally not working correctly.
Fixed a few specific Auto Reply/Custom Command variables not displaying properly when used more than once within the same AR/CC.
Fixed the c!purge uploads sub command.
Fixed Circle not responding in stage text channels.
Various small fixes & typo fixes.


@flatbird - Developer
@conorwastaken (Conor™) - Developer
@pgday - Developer
@aaronb_ - Manager
Circle Team & Testers

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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