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Product Update - 03/16/2022

A quick note...

Circle is now on 40,000+ servers! 🎉

We're beyond thrilled to know that over 40k of you are using Circle. Thank you for your continued support! It means a lot!!!

Thank you Circle Staff!

Thank you to all of the dedicated support team members we have, we wouldn't be here without you!

We'd also like to give a special thanks (and goodbye 😢) to...
- gwn#0223 - our former Support Manager and team member of over two years.
- stealthwave#0001 - our former QA Manager & Senior Support-er
- and last, but not least, fangy | kai#6606 - one of our most active staff & community members.

New Features

We've redesigned the way you add and manage welcome and goodbye messages on your dashboard! Premium users can now add multiple welcome/goodbye messages!
Wildcard autoreplies, aka "search the entire message for the trigger" (so having an auto reply with the trigger tab can now trigger when you say table.)
Ability to configure autoreplies to respond with a reaction instead of a message.
Members with the "Manage Server" permission no longer bypass ignored/required roles & channels on autoreplies.
Members can now appeal more than once! You can enable this option on the ban appeal configuration page.
Server admins can now set a vanity URL to access their ban appeal page, for example takes you to the Circle Support server's ban appeal page!
Compact logging has been given a fresh coat of paint. It's pretty now!
Added the {time} custom command variable!


Added a "lookup appeal" tab on the Ban Appeal management page! Finding specific appeals is no longer a pain.
Circle now uses Discord's timestamp markdown throughout the bot! Timestamps will now show in your timezone instead of in a mix of PST and GMT 🤪.
We added a c!vote command so our fans can easily vote on!
c!slow has been added as an alias for the c!slowmode command.
NSFW channels have been renamed to Age-Restricted channels to keep things consistent with Discord.
The "duration" field will no longer show up on permanent moderation actions.
c!testfilter no longer requires quotation marks... that was confusing.
c!case will now show the time remaining on temporarily moderation cases.
The c!quote command now supports embeds.


Fixed the c!members command showing an error if you didn't provide arguments.
Fixed the logging plugin not ignoring private threads when the parent channel is ignored.
Fixed the c!purge command not checking if it had read message (history) permissions, this would sometimes cause unexpected errors.


Flatbird#0001 - Owner, Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 & Butternut#5103 - Core Team
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 07/05/2022

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