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Product Update - 05/07/2022

New Features

Button Roles option for reaction roles! You can now use modern and stylish buttons instead of outdated reactions 😎! Button roles will now be the default option when creating a new reaction role.
Ignored categories on within the Automod plugin.
Roles managed by Twitch or Youtube and the Nitro Booster role is now selectable within dropdowns on the website.
Added a "warn" option to Automod filter actions.
You can now use {*} as a trigger (enable wildcard as well) within autoreply to trigger on any message.
Added 5 new purge sub commands!
- c!purge embeds - delete messages that contain an embed
- c!purge contains - delete messages that containing a specific phrase
- c!purge excludes - delete messages that do not contain a specific phrase
- c!purge startswith - delete messages that start with a specific phrase
- c!purge endswith - delete messages that end with a specific phrase


The c!whois command will no longer display expired timeouts.
Users can no longer use the c!role command to add/remove roles that are higher than them.
You can now use aliases within the {c!command} custom command variable.
Adjusted error messages on the c!nick command, it will now tell you why Circle cannot change a nickname.
"timeout upsell" implemented: Circle will now suggest users use the Discord timeout feature and warn you before disabling it.


Fixed unexpected errors on c!diagnose welcome
Fixed an incorrect error message showing when attempting to mute/timeout a member for less than 1 minute


if you're reading this, hello.


Flatbird#0001 - Owner, Developer
iiFDCT#0001 - Developer
aaron#5115 & Butternut#5103 - Core Team
Circle Support & Testers

Updated on: 08/05/2022

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