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Circle 3.2 - 07/04/2024

Premium Plugin: Reports

This plugin allows your members to right click (desktop) or long press (mobile) a message, then click "Apps", then click "Report" to send messages to your report queue. Once the message has been sent to your report queue, moderators can choose to decide to take immediate action upon the offending user, from simply discarding the report, to making Circle delete the message from the click of a button, all the way to quickly selecting a moderation action to take on the offender in just a few clicks!

Learn more about the Report plugin here!

New & Improved Time Parser

Circle now understands reading time units a lot better! As a quick example, you used to be only able to mute someone by running c!mute [user] 1h Reason, and that would mute them for 1 hour. With this update, you can now tell Circle a more specific time to moderate a user for! You could now do something like c!mute [user] 10 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes (commas are optional) and Circle will understand it all. The new time resolver can also figure out where your time ends, and where your reason begins, so you can use these commands exactly how you used to, and Circle will figure out what time you've typed and what reason you've typed, with no extra effort on your part! What's more, you don't even need to say days either - Circle understands a lot of different time units for moderating a user, so you could use d in place of days, and m for minutes, and the same for all other units (years, weeks, days, hours, minutes). In fact, you could even tell her to mute someone with the time set to 1hrs and she would understand it!

This update will hopefully make things a lot easier for moderators to do their jobs without confusing Circle.

For more information on what units of time Circle accepts, click here

This change affects the following commands: ban, editcase, mute, lock, slowmode & remindme


You can now use c!modlogs to view a users' moderations which were issued before or after a certain date.
Moderation logs will now also show the moderators ID, to make it easier to look up cases executed by a certain moderator.
Auto Reply can now trigger a response whenever a poll gets sent!


Improved the speed of a few commands which were quite slow at responding, such as c!whois, c!serverinfo and a few other utility commands. The slow responses were caused by Discord taking an abnormal amount of time to respond to Circle's requests.
The "Test Welcome Message" button is back! We had to temporarily disable it to fix some issues with it.
Fixed Circle getting confused when trying to read incredibly large {pick} variables in Custom Commands.
Fixed a bug with the Automod "Delete All Links" filter somtimes filtering whitelisted URLs. This bug would occur if you whitelisted multiple different subdomains for the same website.
Fixed various Automod bypass techniques.


@flatbird - Developer
@conorwastaken - Developer
@pgday - Developer
@aaronb_ - Manager
Circle Team & Testers

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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